ADA Bathroom Signs

Whether you are buying ready-made bathroom signs or having custom ones made, you should know what features these signs should carry. You might not be aware of this but these particular signs need to be compliant with a lot of the rules set by the ADA. This is because such signs are considered permanent room signs, which basically means that these are used on rooms that are seen as permanent or won’t change function anytime soon.

Permanent room signs (of which a bathroom sign is one of) need to have features that make these compliant with standards that the ADA has set. These standards are there to help people easily read, see, and understand what are written on these signs. Some of the features that are required for these signs to be easy to read and understand include fonts that are sans serif (this is because sans serif has no extra strokes that can make words confusing from afar), and color contrasts that make what is written on these signs easier to see.

How do you determine if the signs you already have or ordered is compliant with ADA standards? Here are some things to look for:

Are the sign’s characters raised from its background? – these are called tactile characters and are needed to help people with visual impairments to easily read what is on the sign with the help of their fingertips. These need to be raised a specific height (.8 millimeters from the sign background) for the sign’s reader to easily tell what these are.

Are these signs carrying Braille translations? – your bathroom signs, much like other signs that are considered permanent room signs, need to have braille translations of the characters that are on them. Not only do these signs need to have braille on them, but these also need to be in the grade that is in line with ADA standards. These signs need to carry grade 2 braille, which is a type of braille that uses contractions to make the creation of words easier and shorter.

Is the color contrast being used on your signs at a 70% level? – this rule requires that your signs have a color contrast that makes either the background or the characters 70% lighter or darker than the other. This makes what is on your signs easier to read, see, and understand. This contrast rule also makes the sign highly visible and what is on it very legible due to the fact that the colors don’t blend into each other, which is what often makes other signs hard to read or understand.

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