Designing Customized Signs

Did you know that when you customize your signs, you need to do so with a number of rules in mind? And we are not just talking about any rules, since we are talking about rules that have been set by the government. These rules have been mandated by the ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, to ensure that all signs, be it customized signs or standard ones, are readable by everyone.

The easiest way to get your signs made with the features needed for ADA compliance is to have a manufacturer design these for you. Most manufacturers, particularly those who state that they have compliance experts onboard, can easily create signs that fit the bill when it comes to compliance requirements. Some have signage designers who are now experts at tweaking custom signs to look good and still carry the ADA features needed by these.

If you would rather design your own signs though, and have very specific ideas as to what features your signage should have when these are made, it might be a good idea to learn more about the many nuances of ADA signs. You should do these before ordering signs that may not be in tune with the government’s rules for these. This will help prevent the possibility of needing to have new signs made for compliance reasons, as well as to avoid the fines and penalties associated with not abiding by this strict list of rules.

How do you find out more about the ADA regulations that cover signage? Here are some tips:

Find information online – there are many sites that offer detailed information on how you can design and create signs that are not only great to look at, but are also compliant with ADA standards. Most of these sites are signage manufacturers who specialize in the making of these signs. If you are unsure of the information these sites give you, it might also be a good idea to compare what they are saying with information on the ADA’s official site and list of guidelines to follow, for signs and other accessibility issues.

Find a compliance specialist in your area – you can start by asking your local government about which department handles ADA issues and if ever there is a compliance expert there. You can get information on what features your signs may need after you design them by showing the expert your designs and asking them for advice on what to tweak, change, remove, or add.

Find a manufacturer that has a designer willing to work with your signage needs – some sign makers actually have sign designers that are not only tasked with the designing of your signage, but are also available for consultation when compliance issues need to be sorted out in the designs you submit. You can schedule an appointment with the designer, or have an online conference discussing your designs in detail, and working together to make your own designs compliant.

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