Engraved Office Signs

Not all engraved office signs come with a colored filling and some people find this out after ordering their signs and these have already been delivered. If this has happened to you, don’t worry since there are ways for you to be able to get those engraved signs painted. All you will need is to choose the method you think you can easily handle and do it yourself.

Filling in the grooves of your engraved signs with paint is often done to help make the text and characters stand out more due to the difference between the background and the characters. Two of the methods that can be used to address this problem can be done by most anyone who can handle paint, although the first method is not necessarily similar to painting. These two options are by paint stick and by paint.

By Paint Stick – Not necessarily paint but has a similar effect as paint. These are actually like crayons, only bigger, and can be used the same way. In order to fill your engraved signs with color using this medium, you will first need to choose a color that is in contrast with your sign material’s shade. The paint stick you use will then need to be rubbed across all of the characters on your sign, making sure that all grooves are filled with it.

After you are done coloring, you will need to let this set overnight. Of course, if you want, you can try to remove the residual paint from the sign with the use of a paper towel or clean piece of cloth. Wipe around the letters, careful not to touch the insides of the letters with your paper towel or cloth. If you decide to let this set however, you can use warm water and some mild, non-abrasive cleaning agent such as dishwashing liquid, to remove the color from the surface of the sign while leaving the color in the grooves of the characters intact.

By Paint Filling - For this you will need a fast-drying paint that is oil based. Fast-drying enamel is probably a good choice. You will also need a brush, mineral spirits, lint free cloth and thick cardboard. If your sign is made of thin plastic or materials that would react adversely with solvents, you might want to use acrylic or latex paints instead.

To begin, you will need to paint the entire sign with your paint of choice, from one edge to the other, making sure you apply a thick coat and that the paint goes into each groove. Once done, take your piece of cardboard and run this along the entire length of your sign as you would a squeegee, removing any excess paint from the surface and only leaving a thin film of it on the sign’s surface while leaving thick pools of it inside the grooves of the characters.

After ten minutes, when the paint has started to set, you can then start cleaning up the outer parts of the sign. Wrap a flat surfaced block of wood with your lint free cloth and dampen this with solvent or mineral spirits. Do not soak the cloth. Run this flat over the entire sign to remove the excess paint on top, making sure that the paint in the grooves remain untouched.

If you feel you cannot do this method without removing any of the paint inside the grooves, you can use your fingers and a cloth dampened with paint remover to do this. Just make sure you wear work gloves when you do this and that you don’t soak the cloth in solvent so as to prevent the substance from seeping into the grooves with the paint in them. Let this set overnight and remove more excess paint the same way the next day to thoroughly clean up your engraved office signs.

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