Wood, when used either for furniture or for signs, often exudes a nostalgic vibe. Wood signs are reminiscent of rustic locales and the outdoors, although signs made from wood these days are not necessarily used outside. Still, when a person chooses to have a sign made out of wood, it still brings about that old-world feeling that make people feel at home and welcome.

Custom Wood Sign

When signs are made out of wood, these are often treated with protective coatings to help keep them from deteriorating. This does not mean however that you should just let these signs take care of themselves and that you do not need to do anything to keep them looking as good as new. Some maintenance still needs to be done in order for your custom wood signs to last longer and to still be useful for a longer period of time.

Here are some tips and tricks you might want to use to help keep your wood signs from damage and deterioration:


  • Most, if not all, custom wood signs come with a protective coating the keeps it protected from moisture and from UV light induced breakdown. While such a coating may have been applied to your sign, it too can deteriorate over time, depending on where your sign is installed. To help keep your sign from looking old real fast, you should ask your sign maker what kind of protective coating is used on your signs and to have such a coat reapplied to your signs 6 months after it has been installed.


  • Another good idea you can try when having wood signs crafted is to have both sides carry the same message, even if you are mounting this sign on a wall. This is to enable you to have a fresh side to flip over to in a year to help evenly expose the sign to the elements. If these signs are to be mounted on a post or overhead and do need to have two sides on them, flip the sign over after a year to have both sides evenly exposed to sunlight and to extend the life of your signs.


  • To further lengthen the life of your custom wood signs, have your sign manufacturer, or someone who is an expert at wood care, regularly treat your signs with a protective coating. Do this yearly to further keep your sign from fading, weathering and from looking old and dull.