Customizing restroom signs is sometimes seen as an impractical endeavor by a number of people, primarily because these signs need to be easy to recognize due to the fact that people do need to know where these are, and sometimes quickly. There are a few however who believe that tweaking these signs a bit to make them more interesting is worth their while, hence the creation of custom restroom signs. To find out more about this, here are some links that you might find useful:

Custom Restroom Signs and Why Other Countries Can Customize This Without Limits – while the US requires establishments to follow very strict rules when it comes to some of the signs that they use, one of which is the bathroom sign, other countries are not as strict with customization options for these. Find out why other nations have the freedom to do what they want with these signs, and why custom bathroom signs in the US need to follow very strict guidelines.

Custom Restroom Signs From Around the World – while restrooms in the US are often stuck with restroom signs that carry the same pictograms and designs on them, those found in other countries can carry almost any design or image on them. Find out through this post what design elements these signs often carry and what considerations signage makers elsewhere think about when they customize the bathroom signs of certain establishments in these nations.

How Inventive Can You Be With Your Custom Restroom Signs? – since bathroom signs in the US need to adhere to strict rules set by the government, it is but natural for businesses to wonder just how much of these signs can be customized. To give you an idea, here are some things you may need to keep in mind when designing your custom bathroom signs.