ADA Signs

Some people complain that following rules set for ADA signs limits their design capabilities, since these rules are rather strict in terms of color contrasts, finishes and fonts. While you should never use signs that you do not like to look at and are not aesthetically pleasing, this does not mean that you should also ignore the need to follow ADA rules for signs. What you can do however is to ask the help of expert sign designers in order for you to come up with signs that are both pleasing to the eye and compliant with ADA standards.

There are many good reasons why following ADA rules for signage is encouraged. Aside from the fact that these rules are actually laws that you should not ignore, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you do not heed the guidelines set by the government. You might find yourself facing lawsuits due to the absence of such signs and someone with disabilities decides to report you to the authorities. Even worse would be someone figuring in an accident due to the absence of such signs that is mandated by the ADA.

Main Reasons for Complying with Rules for Use of ADA Signs

Probably one of the main reasons why companies do strive to comply with the ADA’s rules on signage is to avoid the hefty penalties that come with non-compliance. The Department of Justice can fine you as high as $50,000 for not complying with this regulation – and that is apart from the fact that you will need to spend additional funds on having your signs redone to be compliant with the law. While this amount is indeed hefty, and is seldom the amount people find themselves being penalized with, it is still a good idea to avoid the possibility of such a punishment.

In numerous cases, the government does not fine you right away. They will usually warn you about your non-compliance issues and they will also give you time to change your signs to be ADA compliant. If you do not heed the warnings however, you can be sure that you will need to shell out rather hefty amounts for such an infraction. If you do reason out that you do not have enough to change all your signs at once however, the government will give you ample time to get the changes done, or they can tell you to take out you an ADA accessibility loan for such changes to be made as soon as possible.

While signs are just one of the many features that need to be ADA compliant, it is still necessary for companies to enact changes when these are required. There are no inspection teams to worry about, if that is what you are thinking, however citizens can file lawsuits against your company when they find that you are not complying with the ADA. This is why businesses are encouraged to be proactive when it comes to compliance, and this includes the creation of accessibility options and removal of barriers, along with the installation of ADA compliant signs.

Those who have establishments that were constructed before this law was passed are not exempted from its reach. These buildings are given some time however, to exact changes in order for them to be compliant with the accessibility laws that are written in the ADA. These changes, as mentioned earlier, include the integration of ramps, and other accessibility options, the installation of ADA signs wherever these are required and the removal of barriers that make moving around difficult for those who have disabilities.

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