Probably one of the most often seen and used signs, and the one that most people actually do not take much notice of, are ladies restroom signs and men’s restroom signs. These are rather easy to recognize since majority of these have the same design, and this is for a good reason. These signs are made in a fashion that makes them easy to recognize, i.e. they are almost all the same, simply because these need to be easy to distinguish.

If you want to find out more about these signs, and others just like it (men’s restroom signs, unisex bathroom signs, etc.), then read on.

While most of the signs you see being used for these rooms all look almost identical, a few establishments go out of their way to create unique looking and sometimes funny signs for their bathrooms. Is this acceptable? Can you do this as well? Before you go and create hilarious designs for your bathroom doors, read this article regarding the pros and cons of going against the norm when it comes to signage used for bathrooms.

If you find yourself still wanting to customize your bathroom signs to a certain degree, but do not know what limitations you may have for these, here is an article that helps tell you just how far you can go in customizing these signs. You will still need to follow rather stringent rules when it comes to these signs, although there is a bit of wiggle room for you when it comes to customization. You simply need to know your boundaries when redesigning your signs to make these look unique, as is stated here.

Probably one question that most people end up asking, even while they are customizing their restroom signs, be it for men or women, is whether they can use other colors apart from the usual blue and white that they see everywhere. Well, good news is, you can actually stray from this common color combination, as long as you follow the guidelines set by the ADA for these signs in terms of color contrasts and combinations.

If you want to inject some humor into your restroom signs, here are some ideas that you might want to emulate. Of course, as with other permanent room signs (which is what bathroom signs are), you will need to think about how you can incorporate these humorous ideas of yours into a compliant signage system for your bathrooms. This is to avoid the penalties and fines that come with non-compliance.