Interior Office Signage Design

Designing interior office signage need not be a task that seems daunting. While there are sign design teams ready to help you with this particular need, if you feel that only you can effectively translate your indoor signage design ideas, then you should try doing so. Before you begin however, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Take note of ADA compliance rules you need to follow. – Since majority of interior office signage need to follow specific ADA guidelines for your business to be considered in compliance, you need to study up on what these rules are and apply these to the sign designs that you are thinking of creating. Different kinds of indoor signs have to follow different sets of ADA rules. For example, permanent room signs need to have tactile letters and Braille translations while overhead signs need to have the right color contrast and character sizes based on the mounting height as well as effective reading distance.

Think about the overall effect these signs will have on your office décor.Indoor signs should not only be functional, but these should also add to the overall aesthetic of your office. Having signs that are indeed good to look at will add to how your office’s interior will look from a design perspective. You should also make sure that the designs you choose are in tune with your office’s interiors. Some people choose to create signs that are indeed aesthetically pleasing but are not compatible with the interior design of their business. Make sure that you have not only attractive interior office signage but also signs that come in designs that are cohesive with the environment it is to be put in.

Make sure the fonts you choose are not only in line with ADA standards but are also in line with your design ideas. – Sometimes people mistakenly think that in order to create ADA compliant signs for their offices, they need to choose the simplest of all fonts available. While the rules do state that fancy and italicized fonts are not allowed, there are still quite a number of sans serif fonts that can be chosen from for your sign needs. Choose the font that best fits your design ideas in order for you to get the kind of aesthetically pleasing and highly functional signs that you need.

These are but a few of the things you need to keep in mind when designing your interior office signage yourself. Of course, if you want things to be easier, you can simply explain your signage ideas to a sign design team and have these people come up with the best designs for your needs. You will need to approve these designs anyway before these are crafted so you won’t have to worry about them creating signs that you do not like.