Indoor and Outdoor Signs

When you read the terms indoor signs and outdoor signs, of course, your first thought as to the difference between these two is that they are used in different settings. You are correct. Indoor signs are used inside buildings and establishments, and outdoor signs are used outside, as is evidenced by the terms used for them.

Apart from this glaringly obvious difference, you may not realize that these two have quite a few more to add to this. For starters, the materials that you can use for indoors cannot usually be utilized for outdoors, however those used outside, can be used inside. This is because the materials used on signs inside buildings are not made to last to exposure to the outside elements.

Some of the materials used for indoor signs are not ideal for outdoor use due to the fact that these can be easily damaged by many outdoor factors. Even indoor signs that find themselves exposed to sunlight that streams through the windows of the buildings that they are being used in deteriorate more than those signs that are not exposed to such elements. Other outdoor factors that also affect the durability and longevity of such signs include rain, wind, dirt, and dust.

Outdoor signs are usually made out of sturdier materials, like stone and metal, although glass is also used at times. These are materials that can withstand the ravages of nature and can last long even when exposed to the elements. Of course, even when these are durable enough to be used outdoors, these still need some maintenance work on them to ensure that these can last in the same condition as when they were first installed. This means that cleaning these signs regularly should be done.

Can you use indoor signs as outdoor signs? This depends on the materials that are being used, but most likely if these are made out of plastic, then no, these are not good for use outside. Can you use outdoor signs indoors? This is dependent on what these signs are used for. Some signs need to have very specific for these to be considered ideal for use indoors. For instance, if you use signs made with materials that are ideal for outdoor use, you will need to have features such as raised letters and braille added to these, if such signs are to be used on doors that lead to permanent use rooms. 

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