Custom restroom signs

Most people will tell you, when you see one ladies restroom sign, you’ve seen them all. This is true, for the most part, but you don’t really need to adhere to such a way of thinking, do you? You can actually stray from the norm (while still staying within strict government guidelines, of course) and create notable restroom signs for both men’s and ladies bathrooms. How do you do this? By checking out some of the unique signs others are using.

Looking at other signs for ideas regarding your own ladies restroom signage is not copying, if you do not take every single design point from the sign you are checking out. What you should do is to look at a wide variety of signs that interest you, take ideas from these, and create your own unique looking bathroom sign. You can incorporate your own ideas into these, provided that the sign does stay compliant even when you are customizing it to suit your design wants.

Some of the features you can tweak when it comes to these signs include the color combinations (which still need to follow the 70% contrast rule), the fonts (which also need to adhere to sans serif font usage), and the size. You can also play with the pictograms or symbols being used on these signs, as long as you have all the necessary features needed to make the sign ADA compliant. In order to do that, aside from the aforementioned must-haves, you also need to ensure your signs are properly mounted at a height that is ideal for a permanent room sign, have tactile features that include raised letters and braille translations, and are easy to understand and read by everyone.

Some of the different designs people use when it comes to their restroom signs, whether these are for ladies or for men, include those that use shapes instead of gender pictograms to depict either a man or a woman, use gender associated symbols (like a martini glass versus a beer bottle), and many more. The choices are actually pretty endless and up to you to determine which are ideal for your design ideas.

If you find that your designs may not work well with the many guidelines that the ADA has mandated be used by all ADA signs, then you may need to use two signs instead of just one for your bathroom signs. Your artistic, and unique looking restroom sign can go on the door of the bathroom it is to mark, while the ADA compliant one can be mounted beside the door, where it is supposed to be for compliance purposes. This way, you can have your “freedom of expression” bathroom sign up while still being compliant due to the ADA compliant one beside the bathroom door. 

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