Architectural Signage Systems

When it comes to choosing the right designs for your architectural signage systems, the first thing you need to do is to find the best sign manufacturer for the job. Getting a manufacturer that you can trust will help you to not only create the signs that you need in the designs that you want but also will ensure that you get signs that are in compliance with government regulations. A sign manufacturer that understands not only a client’s signage needs but also the rules that go with such signs is what you should look for.

There are many sign manufacturers online, and even offline for that matter, that you can choose from. What you need to find is a company that has your best interest in mind without compromising on what is necessary. In other words, you need a signage company that considers your wants for your custom architectural signage requirements but tells you what can and cannot be done with it when it comes to staying compliant with the ADA.

In making the right decisions about your architectural signs, you need to be aware that not everything you want for your signs may be allowable. This is because of the strict guidelines set by the ADAAG regarding certain signs that your establishment may use. For example, if you want to use shiny, metallic material for your room signs, you may need to compromise a bit and use matte, metallic material for this. This is due to the ADA requirement that all permanent room signs should have a non-glossy or a non-glare finish on them.

That is but one of the many considerations you need to give in to when it comes to your signs. A good sign manufacturer will inform you of these restrictions and help you get the kinds of signs you want while still staying within the boundaries of ADA compliance. In short, the sign manufacturer that will best suit your needs is one who knows how to give you both – an ADA compliant signage system that looks just the way you want it to look.

How do you find this kind of a sign manufacturer? You may need to contact a few of these to ask about your signage options, about ADA compliance and what they can do in terms of creating signs that are compliant with these standards while still giving you the signs that you want. A careful search of the internet, and a few well placed questions, may yield you the results you want and need.