Engraved Sign Materials

Engraved signs are used for many things but are primarily chosen for the creation of signs that are ADA compliant. This is because such a marking method is great for creating the raised and recessed parts that are required for such signs. This marking method is also versatile enough to be used on a wide variety of materials.

What materials can be used when using engraved signs? Here are some of the more popular ones sign companies and businesses alike choose from:

Wood – wood is one of the materials that people choose to use for signs because of its natural and sometimes rustic appeal. This material is tough enough to withstand a huge variety of conditions that it may encounter, but is easy enough to carve with engraving tools to help create detailed and clean signs. Wood can come in many different looks and color as well, and can also be painted over if you so desire.

Metal – while infinitely harder than wood, metal is still a material that can be considered when you are thinking of creating very durable engraved signs. Choose from the many choices that you can find, most of which are metals that are tarnish and rust proof. Some of the more popular metals used for creating engraved signs with include stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze. These are often used as outside signs however there are a few that have a matte or textured finish that are utilized for indoor signage.

Plastic – probably the most popular material used for creating engraved signs, plastic can come in many thicknesses, colors, sizes, and variants. There are clear plastics, two toned ones, and even plastic sheets that are made to look like other materials, such as wood or metal. This is often chosen when people want a sign that is light but durable. This is also the material of choice when it comes to the creation of ADA signs since plastic can be fused together to create the background and character color combinations required for ADA signage before any engraving is made.

These three material types are the go-to choices when it comes to signs, however there are a few other material types that people use when it comes to signs that are not subject to ADA standards. Stone, glass, and combinations of materials are sometimes used to create these signs. To find out more about your options and what materials are best for your company’s signs, you can ask your favorite sign manufacturer for ideas and information on what is ideal for your specific needs.

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