Office Directory Signs

When you enter a building that houses a number of businesses and offices, you will notice that in the entryway, there is a huge sign that lists all of these offices. This is a directory sign, and this is what people use to find the office they need to get to when they don’t know where to find it. These office directory signs are often the first thing that you see and these are often found right above a reception desk. While you can ask the people at this desk where to find what you need, the sign is a tool that can be used by those who are either too shy to ask or when there is no one at this particular desk.

These signs can be made out of a variety of materials, and these include metals, wood, stone, glass, and plastic. These can also be made out of a combination of these materials, and can come in many different colors, depending on what the building owner requires. These can also be made in a variety of sizes, with some big enough to carry hundreds of names on them, and some rather small since these only need to show the small number of offices found in rather small office buildings.

While these office directory signs don’t necessarily look the same, there are a number of features that each one carries, be it big or small. Here are some of those common features:

Header – these signs often carry not only the name of the building that it is found it but can also carry the address of the building. These headers are there to help people make sure that they are indeed in the right building and at the right address. These also help establish the name of the building, making it easier for individuals to remember. The words on these headers are usually more prominent and bigger than most of the other things you will find on these sign.

Floor Numbers – these signs also carry the number of floors found in these buildings, with each floor showing how many offices can be found in them, and what these offices are. These floor numbers can be written in word form or number form, depending on the choice of the building owner or administrator as well.

Office Numbers – directory signs also show you the office numbers that can be found in the many floors these buildings have. These offices can occupy one room on one floor, or can occupy multiple rooms on multiple floors. The office name can then be written beside successive room or office numbers, or these numbers can be clumped into one line separated by commas, with the company name beside these.

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