Custom Office Sign Materials

When you are having custom office signs crafted, you will be given a list of materials to choose from. The type of material you choose is often dependent on what design you have. If you do not have a design in mind when you go to order your signs, you can check out the materials that are available then have your sign designs made depending on the materials that you have your eyes on.

Of course, the materials that you choose will have to fit your budget. Not all signage materials are made alike, and are therefore not priced alike as well. Some will be more expensive than others and some will be cheaper. If you are working with a rather limited budget, you may have to opt for the lower costing ones for your signs. This is not necessarily something for you to be unhappy about since there are ways to get what you want without compromising on the sign design that you are looking to get made.

Materials that are often used to create signs include metals (stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, etc.), glass, stone, wood, and plastic. If you are aiming for signs that are made out of glass and stone, but do not have the budget to get such a combination going for your signage, you can actually find alternative materials that can give you the look you want. You can choose to have one of these materials included in your sign design (stone or glass), then have the other material represented by a plastic substitute.

Yes, plastics are actually becoming the material of choice by those who want to have low costing signs that have the look of more expensive ones made out of stone, glass, and wood. If you want glass for your signs, but cannot squeeze such a material into the budget, clear acrylic may be your substitute for this. If you want stone for your signs, but find that these are either too heavy for what you need or too expensive, then plastics that come in various stone looks (marble, granite, etc.) can be used instead. The same goes for wood. If you want signs that have a specific wood grain on them, but you do not have enough to use wood for your signage, plastic materials that are made to look like wood can be utilized for this.

For metals, the best option would be aluminum, if you are looking for a low cost sign material that is similar to stainless steel but lower costing and lighter. You just need to ensure that when you choose any of the metals used for signs that these are non-gloss or do not have a surface that gives off a glare. Since custom office signs are usually used indoors, these are subject to the rules set by the ADA, and non-glare or non-gloss finish is a requirement.

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