ADA Compliant Signs

If you need to have custom office signs made but are unsure about how you can make sure that these come out ADA compliant, then you definitely need some help. Some manufacturers can claim that they can make your signs as compliant as they should be, but how can you be certain that they know what they should do? How can you find a manufacturer that can make signs that follow all the guidelines required to make these compliant?

One of the things you need to look out for when you are looking for an ADA sign manufacturer online is how long they have been in business. No, we are not talking about how long their website has been up, but rather how long the company has been around. A sign manufacturer that has been in business for more than 3 decades is more than likely to be able to help you with your ADA signage needs.

The reason why sign makers that have been around for decades know more about ADA signage than those who have just started business fairly recently is because of the fact that they were already there when these rules were first implemented. This also means that they were there when these very same rules were revised. This gives such companies workers and designers who have been creating and tweaking signs that are not only compliant with government guidelines, but are also adept at manipulating such signs to make these look very attractive while being compliant at the same time.

Another way you can ensure that your signs are compliant with ADA regulations is for you to study these rules yourself. You can find the guidelines that are made for signage on the ADA guidelines page for signage. Of course, this may seem a bit confusing to someone who has not been making such signs for a long time. The rules listed here can also be a bit unspecific, so you might still need the help of someone who knows a lot about compliance and signage.

Your best bet would be, apart from the first suggestion, is to find a sign designer who is also a compliance expert. There are a few signage designers in every state that know of all the rules and restrictions that need to be considered when signs are being made. Since not all states have the exact same set of guidelines, with some states tweaking their rules a bit, finding one in your state or finding someone who knows all about these differences, can greatly help you with your quest to create fully compliant ADA signs for your needs.

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