Custom Wood Signs

A lot of people who go online to look for sites that offer custom wood signs often do so for business or professional needs. There are a number however that check out these sites for customizable wood signs for other uses that have nothing to do with business. What exactly do these individuals need customized wooden signs for? Here are some examples:

-      Home Address Sign – you can have your home’s number and letter or the entire address actually crafted out of wood. You can have this engraved or painted. You can also choose to use different kinds of wood in their natural state or you can opt for painted wood for your home address sign. You can post this beside your door, on your door, beside your gate, on your gate or on your mailbox.

-      Favorite Quotes and Sayings – some businesses have the capability to engrave or paint wood signs with statements, quotes or sayings since they have engraving machines or printing machines that can write text small enough to fit single slabs of wood. These businesses may also employ artists who can hand-paint these messages on the wood. The copy that you can often add to such plaques is usually short yet memorable. If you want to create bigger statement signs using wood, you can opt for a few signs stringed together to accommodate the message.

-      Kitchen Signs – if you are aiming to have a kitchen that has a rustic touch, you can have wooden signs made for some of the areas of your kitchen. For example, your pantry door can have a wooden sign on it saying “Pantry”. You can also have a sign on your spice rack saying “Spices”. The possibilities are numerous and all you need to do is to find the right areas of your kitchen to use these specially crafted signs on.

-      Special Event Signs – you can actually have wooden signs crafted for special events, like birthdays, weddings and the like. Depending on who the event is for, you can have their special quotes or favorite phrases painted or engraved on these signs and posted all over the venue. For example, for wedding planners who want to give guests a little insight on the couple’s love story, favorite phrases can be painted or carved on these signs and added to the decorations on the guests’ tables.

-      Carved Messages on Wooden Gifts – you can have gifts like wall tie racks and kitchen utensil hangers engraved with funny or endearing statements that the recipient will love. Try for short but memorable one-liners for this.