Office Door Signs

Ordering office door signs these days is relatively easier than when you ordered them in the past, and that is because of the fact that these can already be ordered online. These signs can also be made in various sizes, shapes, color combinations, and in numerous material combinations as well. What might not be evident however is that these signs actually need to adhere to rather strict rules set by the government in order for these to be deemed fit for use.

What are the many rules that have to be followed when it comes to your office door signs? What will happen if your designs do not adhere to such rules? Why are there rules for these signs in the first place?

For starters, office door signs are subject to what is called the ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act. This is a law that gives everyone equal rights in many things, and these include right to employment, access to certain establishments, and even to the reading of signs. The rules that are placed on signs allows everyone to easily read and understand them.

The rules that cover office door signage are the ones that ensure these signs use the right fonts, the right color combinations, character size, material type and finish, as well as mounting height. These rules also cover rules for mounting location, which will depend on where a door is found in a building or area, and what kind of door these signs are to be used on (single door, double door, etc.).

Not all office door signs follow the same rules however. Some are subject to the rules that are set for permanent room signs, and others are made to follow rules set for general ADA signage. The difference between these rules is that those signs used for permanent rooms need to have tactile features on them (braille translations and raised characters), while those that are not used on such rooms can go without these features (although some businesses do opt to have these on such signs as well for uniformity).

What will happen if you do not comply with these set guidelines for office door signs? For one, you will be found to be non-compliant to government standards. Since this is a law, this means you are violating the law and are subject to penalties and fines that come with such a violation. You might even find yourself being sued for discrimination by someone who knows all about these laws and the repercussions that come with violating these guidelines.

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