Reserved Parking Sign

You’ve seen these parking signs everywhere and you may just take it for granted that these have been around forever. Well, guess what. These signs have not been around for too long, and the mandatory use of these signs on mandatory assigned parking spaces began just a couple of decades ago. The presence of these signs in all parking facilities in the US is due to the creation of the ADA, which is a law that helps promote equality among everyone.

The law is aimed at giving people with disabilities equal rights with everyone, and this is pretty evident with the name of this law – Americans with Disabilities Act. When it comes to the parking signs that are made to show people where parking spots for people with disabilities can be found, you can easily discern these from other spots due to the telltale wheelchair symbol on them. This symbol is called the ISA or International Symbol for Accessibility.

These parking signs simply show you where you can find these parking spots that are reserved for vehicles that are either driven by people with disabilities, or are conveying them. These cannot be used by anyone other than those who are authorized to do so, and when these spots are occupied by those who are not supposed to use them, problems can and will arise. Aside from being fined, there is also a chance that the vehicle in question will be towed away and impounded, depending on the local laws regarding such a violation.

Such parking signs can be customized according to what the establishment wishes it to carry, as long as the ISA symbol is on it and it shows people that such a spot is indeed reserved for people with disabilities. Apart from the sign, these spaces are also painted over with the blue and white symbol that people associate with such parking slots, and the sides are usually in yellow and white stripes. This means that you cannot really miss such a spot and can easily discern it from other parking spaces.

These spots that are reserved for people with disabilities are not really that difficult to distinguish, and anyone who has a driver’s license knows what these spots are for. Illegally parking in these reserved spaces, even when it is actually common knowledge that such spots are for the exclusive use of vehicles that have the special tag or sticker for it, is not only against the law but also highly unethical. So, if you see someone who parks in such a spot and is not disabled or does not have the said tag/sticker on their car, you can report these people to the authorities.