Custom Office Door Signs

In designing custom office door signs, you need to think about a number of things before you can actually have these door signs manufactured and put up. First off, you will need to check out the rules set by the ADA for such signs before you go and have these signs designed for you. You will need to conform with ADA rules when it comes to door signs since these are used to mark spaces that most people will probably be accessing.

Whether the doors these signs are supposed to mark are those that lead to rooms that have a permanent type of usage (such as a kitchen or a bathroom), or lead to rooms that may change usage or purpose every now and then, you should still greatly consider following the rules set for permanent room signs. Think of it this way. If you are looking to create uniform looking signs for the doors of your business or establishment, having some signs made without following all of the rules set by the ADA for permanent room signs may get you in a bind.

This may leave you with some signs that are not up to the standards of the ADA, whether these are for permanent rooms or not. Also worth noting is that ordering signs in one specific design can help speed up the manufacturing process and will also give you signs that are made in one unified look. Having signs that are all compliant with ADA standards, even when some of these do not necessarily need to have all the guidelines for such signs followed, will help keep your business compliant with signage rules set by the ADA no matter what.

If you still want personalized signs for your custom office door signs, there is something you can do to enable this. You can have two signs crafted for your doors, one that is to be mounted where the ADA says these should be mounted and another that you can attach to the door of the room itself. Since the ADA declares that for signs to be safely read by those with visual impairments, these should be mounted on the latch side of the door it is to mark, this basically leaves the door itself blank and without any markings on it.

With this option, you can actually have rather creative door signs made for your door. You can have the name and the current designation of the person using the office mounted on the door in a style that they like, or that your company mandates should be used for all office doors. If your office allows for creative freedom when it comes to the signs employees use on their office doors, you can have them send you their chosen designs and you can tweak these to make these a bit more cohesive with the other sign designs used in the office.

If your office does not allow for these kinds of freedoms however, you can send people designs they can choose from and you can have their choices made into the custom office door signs that they need. You can have the design choice for all door signs put to a vote and the design with the most votes will be the design everyone sees on their door. This will ensure that you have a customized sign for everyone to have on their door while at the same time, have the design fit your present office signage motif without other signs clashing with it.

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