Engraved Office Signs

When you hear the word “plastic” when it comes to engraved office signs, it is not uncommon for you to assume that what is being talked about is a sign that is made in a variety of colors that obviously shows the sign is made of plastic. What you or others might not realize is that, plastic signs don’t necessarily have to have that look that shouts “plastic”. In fact, your plastic engraved office signage can actually masquerade as quite a number of materials that are often used for the creation of office signage.

Some of the material types these plastic signs can look like are usually the more expensive materials that are used for signage creation. People can opt for plastic in place of these costlier materials without really compromising on the look they want their signs to have, while still keeping within budget. The use of these cheaper “copycats” is actually a common practice and allows businesses to have great looking signs that do not burn a hole in their pockets.

What Look-alike Materials Can These Plastic Engraved Signs Come In?

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If you think about signage materials, you will find that the most commonly used one is plastic. There are other materials that are used for the creation of signs though, and plastic can actually be made to look like each one of these:

Metal – this is one of the most commonly used signage materials, next to plastic, when it comes to creating indoor signage and architectural signage systems. The different kinds of metal chosen for this particular use include mostly corrosion resistant ones like stainless steel, aluminum and bronze. Using metals for your engraved office signs will give you signage that looks sharp and sleek. These materials are not that cheap however.

While aluminum may be somewhat less costly than stainless steel and bronze, these are still more expensive than plastic. If your budget only allows for plastic signs, but you want the metallic appeal of metal signs, you can still get what you want by choosing plastics that have a metallic look to them for your signage needs. While these may not have the kind of sheen real metals have, these can still give you the kind of sleek and clean look that real metals have.

Wood Grain Engraved Plastic Sign

Wood – another popular material used for creating indoor signs, and sometimes outdoor signs, is wood. Just like metals, wood is also more expensive than plastic when it comes to signage creation. Of course, the cost of the wood that you use depends on the type of wood that you choose for your signs. Hardwoods are considered more expensive due to their lovely wood grain and their durability, while softwoods are cheaper but deteriorate easily when exposed to the elements.

For durability, as well as cost effectiveness, you can actually have your signs made out of plastic that has a wood grain pattern and color on it. You can even choose what kind of wood grain the plastic simulates and how dark or light the wood color should be.

Stone – again, this kind of a material is popular for use with signage but not only for indoor signs, but also for outdoor signs. Using stone for your interior signage needs may be somewhat costly not just because of the material itself, but also because of the mounting methods that you need to use for such signs. Since stone is rather heavy, your mounting options won’t include the cheaper alternatives like adhesives and Velcro.

Engraved Office Signs Materials

Some of the choices you have when you choose to use stone for signage needs include marble, granite and slate. The look of marble, granite and slate can be found in plastics that can be made into signage. Not only will using plastic that has the look of stone be cheaper, it will also be a lightweight option, which in turn can be mounted using adhesives, Velcro or rivets.

You can also choose to combine any of these three when making signs, with one type being used for your base, another being used for the substrate and so forth. You can mix and match these materials to create amazing looking engraved office signs. You can even use cutouts of acrylic or dark colored plastic for creating tactile letters on these signs.