Plastic Engraved Signs

One of the more cost effective sign options people have when they need to have signs made is plastic engraved signs. These signs are made out of a durable plastic that can be used both indoors and outdoors and engraved with the wordings specified by the client. What exactly do clients need these plastic signs for? Here are some examples of where these plastic engraved signage are used:

-      Door Numbering – since plastic can come in many colors and thicknesses, and can also be used to craft ADA signage with, this is often used to create door number signs with. These door number signs can carry the requisite tactile characters and Braille needed to make these compliant. Since door numbering is considered a permanent indicator for a room, it is then necessary for this to follow ADA guidelines for tactile characters, Braille translation and color contrast, which can all be done with engraved plastic signs.

-      Bathroom Signs – these also need to be ADA compliant. The necessary pictograms, wordings and Braille translation can be engraved on your choice of plastic material for your bathroom signage. You can also choose to purchase ready-made plastic signs that are manufactured according to ADA standards.

-      Nameplate Signs – these can also be used to create nameplates for doors and office desks. You will need to purchase sign holders and desk nameplate holders for this though. These can also be used to mark rooms and closets with. You can also choose to use these nameplate signs and their holders for marking cubicles and divided office spaces.

-      Directional Signs – signs that show people where to go can also be made with the use of plastic and engraving. You can engrave room numbers and arrows for directions if these are to be used for hospitals, hotels and other similar establishments. You can also use these for schools, offices and other similar locales that need to show people where to go.

-      Instructional Signs – these can carry rules for certain establishments, information regarding opening and closing times, restrictions, rules and many more. Since plastic sheets can be cut as big or as small as you need it, these engraved plastic signs can be made to be as big or as small as you need it as well, and can carry long or short messages on them, depending on your need.