Sign Designer - Custom Office Signs

Ordering custom office signs for your business can be done properly and without any problems, if you know exactly what you need and if your manufacturer already knows this. There will be times however when problems will arise, especially if you are ordering your first batch of signs and you are working for the first time with a manufacturer that is not familiar with what you require. Still, while a manufacturer may not be familiar with what you need, this does not mean that they do not know what they are doing. All they will want from you in order to properly fulfill your order is to know for certain what it is that your company needs.

For them to understand your signage requirements there are some questions you need to ask which they should answer satisfactorily. The questions you ask will also give them clues as to what you want.

What materials do you have? – This is a question you should definitely ask since these manufacturers often have a huge number of materials for you to choose from. While most of them do have material lists online, some of them don’t, and a few others will consider making signs using materials that you request for. Asking about material availability will let you know whether or not a manufacturer is willing to create your custom signs using materials that you request for or suggest.

How do I show you my designs? – This is an important question since some companies get designs from their customers in many different ways. Some get it via email, others need you to send it via their website, and still a few more offer design services for a small fee or even for free. This particular question will also open up concerns regarding compliance since not all designs you send over or think about may actually be ADA compliant, as some of these signs need to be.

What sizes are available? – This is one query that people ask frequently and this is due to the fact that some manufacturers cannot create really big signs for their customers. Knowing what limitations you have when it comes to your sign size will help you locate the best sign maker for your particular needs.

What are the customization options for your totally customizable signs? – While your manufacturer may state that their signs are totally customizable, this does not mean that there are no limitations. Depending on the kind of sign that you need, you will find that there are indeed some limits to “totally customizable”, and some of these include the materials you can use, the color combinations that are available, the fonts that can be utilized, and so on.

If you want to find out more about custom office signs, and particularly our custom signage offerings, do feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you with your signage needs.

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