Online Sign Company

When you order signs online, you are basically ordering from people you have never seen and from a company that you have never been to. It is just like other online stores that assure you of quality when you order, and with policies that are in place to help ensure that you and they are protected from fraudulent dealings.

Before you order from an online sign company, you need to know a few things about what can be done for you, and here are some of the questions you might want to ask your chosen online sign manufacturer.

How do I order my custom signs? – you need to ask this since custom signs can be ordered via various methods, depending on the sign manufacturer you choose. More-often-than-not, you will find that these signs can be ordered via a form you have to fill out on the site itself. Sometimes, you will be asked to attach a scanned copy of your sign’s custom design, and other times you will be asked to email such a design to the company. You may also find yourself being asked to call their hotline for your orders or to consult with their in-house sign designer to enable them to properly create your custom signs for you.

What payment options do you have? – this is a question that also needs to be asked, particularly if payment options are not posted prominently on the site itself. Most sites however have payment options easily found on the site, so you won’t really have to worry about this.

Do I need to pay for shipping? – this a question that you need to ask so as to not be surprised about getting a bill that is higher than you expected. Not all sites offer free shipping. In fact, a lot of sites say that they ship free when the cost of the sign already has the shipping cost factored in. They simply call it free shipping because you don’t add anything to the existing cost. There are a few however who do offer free shipping if you order in bulk.

How soon before I get my signs? – you need to ask this question since delivery schedules can and will vary according to manufacturer, number of signs you order, where you are located, the complexity of your signs, and many other factors. You should ask this so that you know whether or not the company you ordered from is true to their word and delivers on the day they say they will deliver. This will help you determine whether or not to use their company again for your future signage orders.

Can I cancel my order? – sometimes, company needs change and you might find yourself not needing specific signs that you ordered because of these sudden changes. Most sign companies do not allow cancellations, particularly if the signs have already been paid for or they have begun processing this. If a company does allow cancellations, they have a small window of time for this and they will inform you of this when you ask.

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