Car with Handicap Sign in Post-Its

If you’re a fan of Facebook, and other social media pages, you will have seen in the past few days a viral video that shows people cheering on as a person tries to get into a post-it covered car. In the video, the post-its were shaped into the usual symbol that you see being used for handicapped parking spaces. Why was this car covered in blue and white post-its, and why was the driver visibly pissed as people cheered on?

The reason why the car was plastered with these small bits of paper in the shape of an ADA parking sign is because of the fact that he was not disabled and he was parked in a slot reserved for those who have disabilities. In short, he did not respect what the sign meant and who the parking spot was for. Vigilantes saw to it that he never forgets what these signs are for by pasting the same symbol on his car with the use of blue and white post its.

This particular video, while taken in Brazil where it happened (and where ADA signs are not mandated, but still exist due to the UN’s mandate regarding signage for people with disabilities worldwide), should be a clear example of why these signs should be heeded. In the US, this has not happened yet, but it is still something people should take note of. This is because these signs are there for a good reason, and that reason is for people to NOT park in these slots when they do not have disabilities that entitle them to such spaces.

This same problem is occurring everywhere in the world, and people are beginning to take matters into their own hands with the help of social media. When a person sees a car parked in a spot meant for those who have disabilities, and the vehicle does not have a sticker or a tag stating that it is owned or carries a disabled person, people take pictures of it and shame it on Facebook, or other social media sites. This helps others to realize that such things should not happen and that they should be mindful of where they park.

Other areas that people should avoid parking in, and should be mindful of because these do have ADA parking signs on them, include spots near curbs, near ramps and other accessibility options. You can easily determine these because of the presence of signs with the international symbol for accessibility, or ISA, on them. So, next time, even when you do not have the threat of such an action as the one in the video looming over you, do not park in spots that are not for you, unless if you are carrying someone with a disability in your vehicle, or you yourself are disabled. 

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