Outdoor Signs

Having good looking and easy to read signs is essential to any company’s success since these help establish branding as well as show people where they are located. There are times however that your outdoor signs are vandalized and graffiti is found on these signs. Don’t fret. There are ways for you to clean up these signs, and you won’t need to have these replaced by new ones.

Outdoor signs are generally prone to vandalism and graffiti. When you find graffiti on your signs, it is natural for you to be upset but there is no need to panic. There are products that can be used to remove such unsightly objects from your exterior signs. You simply need to know what kind of graffiti removal methods and products to use on your signs in order to avoid damaging them while cleaning them up and to avoid needing to get new signs for your business so soon.

Before you attempt to remove graffiti from your outdoor signs, here are some things you might want to keep in mind:

  • 1. Not all chemical graffiti removers are the same. Some are stronger than others and are better at removing these unwanted objects from your signs than other. Careful selection of the right paint removers should be done before starting any graffiti removal project.
  • 2. While other solutions are faster at removing paint and graffiti from your signs, these can also be harsher and more damaging to your sign’s structural integrity. Make sure that the chemical graffiti remover you use for your outdoor signs are compatible and safe to use with the kind of signs that you have.
  • 3. If the graffiti problem you have is rather small and can be handled by one of your cleaning personnel, a chemical remover and cloth or scrubber may do the trick. If the vandalism to your sign is rather extensive, but does not warrant the need for a new sign, you might do better with a professional graffiti remover or sign cleaning expert.
  • 4. After graffiti is removed from your sign, you can ask your professional graffiti remover or your favorite sign specialist if they have special coatings that can be applied to your signs to help make graffiti removal easier in the future. This is to ensure that if and when such vandals strike again, your signs have a protective coating that can protect the sign and can help you clean off the paint from your signs easily.