No Parking Sign

When you have a home that is near a road or main thoroughfare, one of the worries you may have is when someone blocks your driveway by parking on it. Even those who live in decent neighborhoods find themselves with problems that involve a neighbor’s car parked carelessly across the path where their own car is supposed to pass to get to the road. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to put a no parking sign near these areas to remind others that they should not block your path?

In other countries, as well as in different states in the US, parking rules for residential areas vary. Some places have spots that allow only residents to park while there are some places that do not have any such rule and no resident only parking spaces. Some places also have options for residents to request for areas where people cannot park and some even have a law that prohibits vehicles from parking in front of a person’s driveway or home. There are even some areas where parking anywhere near any residential building, be it a house or multi-resident edifice, is prohibited.

In order for you to know what rules there are for parking and no parking zones in your particular area, you need to look for the regulations that are set by your State. While there may be similarities to these regulations all across the country, there are still quite a number of variations that you may not be aware of. Not knowing these may get you in trouble with parking and traffic violations if you are unaware of these. After all, ignorance of the law excuses no one.

The differences in these regulations may also extend to the different cities and counties in each state. For example, in California, there are subtle differences in the regulations and enforcement of such rules in the different cities in this big state. As with the differences in penalties that come with traffic violations in different states, it has been said San Francisco may have steeper fines and penalties as compared with its sister cities when it comes to such infractions. This is why it is important that you know what the traffic rules are in your specific area.

If you are looking to have a sign posted on your driveway that says No Parking, you might want to ask your local traffic office about this possibility. While some towns and counties may leave this to the discretion of the property owner, other places require permits for such a thing to be done legally, so it is best if you ask your local law enforcement for advice on such a plan.

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