Directional Signage

When you first order your directional signs (and your other signage for that matter) the thought of needing to change these frequently may not cross your mind. When these start to show signs of wear and tear, you may then wonder when you should start changing these signs you have put up. After a few orders and changes, you will then see that signs do need to be changed every now and then however, the question that you might need to address after this pattern is established is, how often should you change your directional signage?

Directional signs, and other signs that are exposed to numerous deteriorating elements, will indeed need to be changed every now and then in order for these to remain presentable, legible, and ultimately, useful. How often should you change your signs and how fast do these signs deteriorate? The speed of deterioration of such signage often depends on a number of factors and these include the materials used for creating these signs, how well these signs are made, where these signs are posted and the maintenance plan you have in place for your signage (if you have one).

In order for you to lengthen the life of your directional signs, and all other signs that you use for your business, you should try to follow a few simple rules to help keep these in good condition. Following these tips may help you reduce the number of times you need to refresh your signage and, in turn, help reduce the amount of money you need to spend on signage every year.

Have a signage maintenance plan in place. – This can be a pretty easy task to do, as long as you are organized from the very start. List down when you first acquired your signs and then set a cleaning schedule for this accordingly. Light cleaning every few weeks, then heavy maintenance cleaning every few months. Make sure that when you create your maintenance plan that you put in the location of the sign, what materials these are made of, what cleaning agents are to be used and to be avoided, and other similar important points. You can also assign a specific maintenance person for these signs.

Choose your signage wisely when you first purchase them. – The quality of your signs have a bearing on how long these last, and well made signs that use good quality materials often last longer than other signs that are of a lower quality. Some of the longer lasting materials you will find being used by signage manufacturers include aluminum and stainless steel, and thick plastics. Wood that is properly treated can also last a very long time, as long as signs made out of these materials are placed in areas where they are not exposed directly to sunlight or moisture.

Repair signs as soon as you see some minor damage. – Do not wait for your signs to show advanced stages of deterioration or damage before you do something about it. This goes hand in hand with your signage maintenance plan, so repairing signs when the need arises and before extensive damage develops, can be easily done. Some of the damage you may see with these signs includes fading, cracking, tarnish and more. Taking care of small problems that pop up with your signs quickly and effectively before it grows will help lengthen the life of your signs, reducing the need to constantly replace them.

There will be times when replacing your directional signage, even when these are still rather well maintained or new, is needed. This is when there are changes being made in your facility or establishment, where certain locales, rooms and offices change usage or locations. At this point, there really is nothing you can do but change your directional signs to show the new locations of these rooms and offices.