Custom Wood Signs or Custom Plastic Signs

Choosing the kind of material to use for your signs may seem like an easy task to do, and it can be. If you do not know what each material type can give you, as well as where these can be used however, then you might find yourself with a sign that is not suitable for your particular need. It is best then to first find out what each material type’s pros and cons are, and to know where these should be used, before having your sign made using that particular material.

Let us first tackle custom wood signs and what these can bring to the table. If you were to choose wood signs, what you will get are signs that are highly customizable. The designs on these can be engraved, painted on, riveted on (for those who choose to have separate letters mounted on wooden backgrounds) and printed on. These signs give of a warm air and are sometimes considered homey and rustic.

Wood signs are ideal for use indoors, although some people do post these signs outdoors. That can be done as long as the wood is properly treated to withstand the ravages of the weather, and if you do not mind it fading over time due to exposure to sunlight. Wood signs are generally durable, if taken care of properly, and can be shaped any way you want.

Plastic signs, on the other hand, are considered the most economical of all sign materials you can find and are also very versatile. Depending on the kind of plastic you choose to work with, you can also shape this according to your design needs and you can get these in any color and thickness you want as well. Your sign design and messages can be engraved, imprinted, or painted onto these signs too.

Plastic is also pretty durable, however, if you were to choose PVC as your plastic of choice, you should know that this cannot be used outdoors since constant exposure to the sun’s rays will warp and deform the plastic. Plastic can withstand weather changes however and will last a long time, both indoors and outdoors, with proper maintenance. These are also very light, compared to wood and are also easy to mount due to it being a lightweight material.

If you were to ask which of these two materials is best for your signage needs, the answer is actually all up to you and what you will be using these signs for. It will also depend on your sign design, your budget and what kind of look you are going for. Rustic and homey signs may be better suited to wood, however if you are going for a more professional and sleek appearance, then plastic may be your best bet for your custom signs.