Custom ADA Signs

People who are tasked to obtain signs for their business know that when it comes to ADA compliant signs, they can actually opt to get stock ADA signs instead of having such signage customized. What exactly is the difference between custom ADA signs and the stock versions of such signage? How do you determine whether or not it is better for you to get the stock signs instead of having these customized?

When contemplating whether to get customized ADA signs or stock signs for your needs, you need to consider a number of things. These considerations will help you determine whether stock signs are what you should get or if custom signage is what your business needs. Here are some of these considerations:

-      Budget – of course, the first concern would be your budget. You cannot purchase these signs unless there is some money for it. If you have a rather tight budget and you need a lot of signs, you might do better with ready-made signage than with custom signs. While some companies do offer customized signage at only a slightly higher cost than ready-made ones, if you have very little to work with, even small differences in price for a lot of signs can mean a lot of money.

-      Design – if you think that your business needs signs that have a particular look and are of a specific design aesthetic, then you may do better with custom signs (assuming, of course that your budget allows it). Customization allows you to choose color combinations, fonts, sign sizes and shapes as well as mounting, and other similar options. You can fashion your signs after certain elements of your buildings or pattern these after other signs that your building already has for uniformity.

-      Need – if your signs need to carry custom wordings and other specific elements that are not found on stock signage, then you definitely need to have these customized. You can customize the wordings on your signs any which way you want, as long as the fonts, character sizes and other elements on these signs conform with ADA standards for accessibility.

These are but a few of the considerations you may need to think about before you decide on what kinds of ADA signs you will get for your business. Another consideration would be time. If you feel that the company you tasked to create your custom signs for you won’t be able to deliver these when you need them, stock signage may be an option you can take.