Custom Signs

Buying custom signage has always been one of the things many businesses do, and there are many good reasons why. Buying custom signs is something you should choose to do when you want to establish a certain cohesive design idea for your office as well as to make these identifiable with your particular brand. However not every sign-buying endeavor for your business requires you to actually have your signs customized. When is it ideal for you to order signs that are customized, and when should you opt for ready-made signage for your business?

There are actually instances that do not require the creation of signs that are customized. For instance, if you are tasked to have exit signs made for your place of business, you don’t really need to have these made using the colors and designs that you chose for your custom door signs, now do you? Since these exit signs are oftentimes standard everywhere you look, it is then safe to assume that the signs you should get for your exits (save for those that are used on stairwells and emergency exit points that require extra or very specific information) should be those ready-made ones that most companies use as well.

Other signs that do not need to be customized are those that tell people what not to do and what to do. Examples of such signs include No Smoking signs, No Littering signs, No Entry signs, and the like. You will also find that signs stating such words as Private, Employees Only, Do Not Enter, and Fire Alarm, to mention a few, are also available as non-customized signs.

You might consider ordering customized versions of these if you are thinking of adding special messages to each one. For instance, if your Do Not Enter sign needs to have a message underneath saying Wrong Way, or Alarm Will Sound When Door Opens, and you cannot find any on the market that is made exactly the way you want it, you can have these custom made.

There are a few signs that can go either way, and these are room number signs and bathroom signs. You can customize the room numbers of your office to carry the same fonts, color scheme, and even size of the other custom signs you have. The same goes for the bathroom signs that you put on your bathroom doors. You can also choose to go the standard signs that these can come in.

Since there are actually room number signs and bathroom signs that are ready made, and can even come in the same color scheme as the ones you are already using, you can opt for these instead of the customized ones. The choice is generally up to you, although most people do choose to get the custom ones in order to maintain the same fonts, signage size, and overall look for the signs in their offices.

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