When complying with ADA rules regarding accessibility, having the right signage to go with accessible features is needed. This is to ensure that people with disabilities know where they need to go for easy access. These signs have to follow ADA guidelines for legibility which include using the right font, the right color contrasts and the right character size.

There are a number of accessibility considerations that need to have signs on them. Here are some of the ones that you may commonly see:

  • ADA Parking and Loading Signs – these signs are used to show people where the reserved parking spaces are for vehicles driven by or carrying disabled individuals. These signs are sometimes state specific, with some states requiring certain guidelines that are different from others be met for compliance. When the parking space is a van-accessible one, it should be indicated with the use of the word “van” on it. The word “handicapped” should never be used on any of these loading or parking signs.
  • Accessibility Signs for Entrances – these signs are placed in areas where ramps and entrances that are available for the use of people with disabilities are located. These may be posted at main entrances to indicate that the building meets all ADA guidelines for accessibility.
  • Rest Rooms – the International Symbol of Accessibility should also be posted on all restrooms that meet ADA requirements for accessibility. One sign should be on the door, beside it or above it to indicate that the restroom can be used by people with disabilities. Another sign should also be posted on the door of the stall that is equipped with facilities that are specifically designed for the ease of use of people with disabilities.
  • Trails – pedestrian trails that can be used by people with disabilities should also carry signs that indicate that these are available for them to utilize. Aside from the usual ISA on the sign, information such as the trail grade, trail width, surface, cross slope and obstacles that are found along the trail should also be noted on the sign. These signs should also indicate the trail number, name, where it leads to and how far a person needs to go to get to the end of the trail.