Custom Restroom Sign

We mentioned in a previous post that while you can customize your signs to fit your company’s brand and décor, you cannot totally customize these without following specific rules. These rules are set by the government and are there for a very distinct purpose, which is why following these even when you tweak your signs is imperative. The signs that need to follow these guidelines are those that mark the way, are posted outside office doors, and even restroom signs.

While these rules are pretty stringent, and there are repercussions when you veer away from these regulations, not everyone seems to want to stick to such guidelines. Some people wish to create signs that are totally unique and are exceptionally different from what people are used to, which usually means that these do not have the kinds of features that make these compliant. This may get them into trouble, however there is a solution to this.

If you really want to keep your unique and sophisticated designs for your custom restroom signs yet do not want to get into hot water with the law, you might want to consider having a supplementary sign for your bathroom. Since the signs that are needed for compliance have to be mounted on the side of the door near the doorknob side (save for California which requires bathroom doors to actually have a sign on the door itself as well), you can have your distinctive custom bathroom signs on the door itself.

When you supplement your customized signs with the ADA compliant ones, you get to do both things – you comply with what the law requires and you get to have the sign that you want on the door of the bathroom (or office for that matter) that you want this on. Of course, you should also consider matching these two up so that these don’t look totally off. When you have your custom signs made, both the avant-garde and compliant one, make sure that their color combinations are not too far off from each other.

You can get away with having an eye-catching and conversation starting bathroom signs custom made for your business, but only at the cost of having a compliant sign made with it as well. This may cost you more than you planned, but that is the price to pay for uniqueness and for being different. This is because you will now need to pay for two signs instead of just one.

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