Custom Parking Sign

Custom signs can be found anywhere – in offices, in schools, in malls, and even outdoors. One of the most commonly seen signs that are oftentimes customized and installed out of doors is the parking sign. Numerous establishments have these signs installed in parking lots and facilities used by their business, and these are customized for a few good reasons.

For starters, these are customized to help show people whether or not a particular parking spot is reserved for a specific entity. These customized signs may carry the name of the person for whom the spot is designated for, or their position. These may also carry the type of vehicle that is allowed to park in these spots, i.e. motorcycles, school buses, delivery vans, etc.

To help people realize what rules specific parking spaces have, and what they need to do in order to avoid violating such rules, these signs need to carry features and symbols that indicate exactly what needs to be done. Here are some of those symbols and features that are commonly used on many custom parking signs:

Time – you will find that some parking signs show you a specific time underneath the big P sign or parking word. These times tell you when you can use the area for parking and when parking is restricted (which is the times that are not on the sign). The times you will find being added to these custom signs usually indicate start and stop times, with the first time written on the sign being the start time, and the succeeding one beside it being the stop time. Some signs may carry multiple time indicators, which means that anything that is not written on these signs are times that you cannot use the parking space.

Fines – you will also find that some signs carry not only the times for parking, or rules for parking in a specific area, but also carry the penalties and fines that come with violating these rules. Some of these signs may carry dollar signs and the amount that you have to pay for these violations, with the word “fine” beside it.

Penalties - some signs may show a pictogram of a towtruck on the sign, which means that this is one of the things you can expect if you park in a spot you are not authorized to use. Other penalties that you can expect in the form of pictograms or written information on these signs include wheel-clamping, impounding, and the most basic of all penalties, a parking violation ticket.

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