ADA Compliant Interior Office Signs

When it comes to interior office signs, one of the things you need to really focus on is ADA compliance. This cannot be stressed enough and for a good reason. Not complying with ADA standards when it comes to your signage, whether indoors or outdoors, can mean big trouble if you are found guilty of non compliance.

While most establishments found guilty of non-compliance are often penalized due to violations regarding accessibility, or lack of such options, this does not mean that non-compliance via signage is not punishable by law as well. Some people have found out the hard way that not having all of their accessibility options available, be it signage or otherwise, cost them dearly. To help you understand what this means, here are some scenarios where ADA compliance was not given importance and the consequences that came with it:

-      Hotels that do not provide guests with disabilities with the proper auxiliary services and aids often find themselves sued for such infractions. Aside from penalties that can arise from such violations, these establishments sometimes find themselves paying $55,000.00 to double that amount in damages. This is why most hotels and similar establishments nowadays find themselves following all of the guidelines set by the ADA for accessibility.

-      An establishment with restrooms that did not only violate ADA signage rules, but also failed to provide a wheelchair user with a restroom that the person can use was fined for such an infraction. This came about when the wheelchair user had to be carried in and out of the restroom, causing her undue embarrassment due to such an act. As a result, the establishment had to pay damages plus they also had to comply with ADA rules after penalties and fines were exacted, making them spend more than if they complied with such guidelines early on.

These are but a couple of instances that show why complying with ADA rules should be on top of your list. Not only will your company be able to avoid such penalties and fines, as well as the negative press such an occurrence can bring, but it will also serve to give people with disabilities what they need and what is their right. After all, the ADA is a law that ensures people with disabilities are accorded the same courtesies and rights as everyone else. 

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