Restroom Signs

Whether restroom signs are customized or not, you will notice that most of these come in either one or another pretty standard design. Even when a restroom sign that is to be used in your building is specially made for it and with distinct color combinations as well as materials, these need to have features that are required by the government to make these compliant. These requirements often make the creation of custom restroom signs rather limiting, but then again, people need to easily recognize these signs so the familiar and commonly used features are a must.

What features and designs can you easily see on the many restroom signs you can find around you? Here are the most common ones:

Gender pictograms – you will find that a lot of restrooms will have signs that show you either a male or a female symbol. These symbols indicate which restroom is to be used by either gender. The female pictogram is usually one with a dress on it while the male symbol is the standard stick-like figure that has a circle for a head and the straight body of someone wearing pants. Signs can carry only this figure on them or these can be complemented by the word “restroom” or the gender words “men”, “women”, “male”, and “female”.

Gender words – sometimes a restroom sign will simply have the word “men” or “women” on them without the pictogram on it, although this is kind-of rare as compared with signs that do carry the gender symbols. These words are often used to complement the symbols and to make the sign less confusing.

Restroom or Bathroom word with pictograms – these signs are probably the most commonly used of all bathroom signs, and can be used for either male or female restrooms. These restroom signs come with the word restroom on them, the pictogram for either gender underneath this word, and the braille translation for the word being used on the sign. Sometimes, if the bathroom in question has a facility for those who are disabled (wheelchair accessible toilet cubicle), this sign will also carry the wheelchair symbol on it.

These are just a few of the more commonly used combinations when it comes to restroom signs that are found just about everywhere. Some other designs may also feature all three pictograms (male, female and wheelchair symbol) to indicate that a particular restroom is for use by anyone. These are usually found in gas stations and fastfood restaurants. What other commonly used restroom sign designs do you see around you?

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