Restroom Signs

Ever try walking around in a mall and suddenly feel like you need to go to the bathroom? I am quite sure that this has happened to you at one time or another. And, how were you able to find a bathroom in such a large building with a huge number of people around? The probable answer would be with the help of restroom signs that were mounted in strategic areas.

You have to admit, without these rather common looking but highly helpful signs, you would not have found the bathroom on your own. Sure, you could have asked one or two people for directions, but what if the people you asked did not know either? What if you really, really had to pee and could not find someone who can show you the way?

Restroom signs show you where bathrooms are in airports, offices, malls and train stations. These show you where you can heed the call of nature in hotels, museums, schools and even in parks. In fact, where there are buildings and people, it is highly likely that these signs are there.

These signs are posted overhead along with arrows to show people in which direction these can be found. These can also be found on walls along the way and finally on the door of the room in question. These can even be found on the inside of the bathroom itself to further affirm that you are in the right bathroom when you enter.

Funny Restroom Signs

The same design for restroom signs are used worldwide, with a number of slight variations here and there. The symbols remain generally the same, however. A female figure for the women’s restroom and a male figure for the men’s restroom show you which door to enter. If both symbols are on the restroom sign, then that would mean that it is a shared bathroom. If there are facilities in these bathrooms that can be used by people in wheelchairs, the wheelchair symbol can then be added to these signs.

These rather innocuous signs play a huge role in helping people find their way to the restroom, and without the need to rely on other people for directions. However, as useful as these signs may be, very few people actually acknowledge that these signs are indispensable. Just because these signs are seen everywhere and are so ordinary to the eyes, people seldom realize that they would be lost (and would probably burst a bladder while trying to locate the bathroom) without these. That is why it is high time we gave a silent thanks to these signs for showing us the way, especially when we really need it the most.