Interior Office Signs

So you are thinking of straying from the norm when it comes to your interior office signs, and that is okay as long as the signs you are thinking of experimenting with are those that do not need to comply with ADA standards. Most of the signs that you will be using indoors are often subject to the rules set by the ADA. There are, however, a few that do not really need to conform to these rules. These are the signs that you can go crazy with.

There are a few signs that you can actually create with the use of original and unique ideas even when these are supposed to be ADA compliant. All you need to do is to ensure that these ideas still conform to the rules that the ADA has set even when they do not look at all like any other sign. A good example would be a directional sign that is made out of corrugated plastic.

More often than not, directional signs are made using materials like acrylic, plastic or metals and these are usually made in the traditional way and design. When you are thinking of using corrugated plastic for your directional signs, always remember the rules regarding non-glare finish, color contrast, fonts and character size and you will be fine. You can use each bump on the corrugated plastic as a line for each entry, and you can carve the plastic out in curves to make it look unique.

Interior Office Signs - Corrugated Plastic Sign

Another idea would be to carve the letters and numbers for your directional signs, or even your company name and logo, out of a sheet of matte finished metal. To make these characters stand out, you can then insert different colored plastics in the back of the metal sheet. You can also opt to light the back of the metal with different colored lights, which can then stream out from the cutouts to make the sign stand-out.

Also worth trying out, when it comes to signs that are unique, are different material combinations that may seem outlandish at first, but actually works once put together. For example, a sign with a clear acrylic background can look stunning when carved out metal characters are attached to it and then lit from the back with the use of colored light. You can also use colored plastics that have carved out characters or images on it, which you can then attach to a different material such as metal or another type of plastic.

These radical and unique ideas are but a few of the designs you can use for your interior office signs. Of course, before you go and order your signs in these designs, you should make sure that it is indeed okay to create such wonderfully exceptional signs and that these do not need to follow ADA standards. If you are thinking of taking this route when creating ADA compliant signs however, make sure that while your signs are indeed distinctive, these still carry all of the much needed elements that still make them compliant with the law. 

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