Ladies Restroom Signs

While going through the numerous sites and pages that can be found on the internet, you will notice that there are actually a huge number of funny and unique ladies restroom signs to be found here. There are bathroom signs that show women in different forms, with some opting to use shapes like triangles and lines to depict these characters. Others end up using ethnic representations of both genders for their bathroom signs.

While these signs may be acceptable everywhere else around the world, in the US, there are strict rules that need to be followed for ladies restroom sign designs. You might want to go humorous or whimsical when it comes to your bathroom sign designs, but you will need to complement these with ADA acceptable signs. This is to ensure that while you do get your way in terms of having unique and funny restroom signs for your establishment, you are still in compliance.

When you need to come up with signs for your bathrooms, you need to follow guidelines that are set by the ADA for accessibility. These guidelines include the use of universally recognizable graphics that are easy to distinguish by those who are visually impaired. These pictograms need to be tactile as well, so as to enable people with visual impairments to easily feel these with their fingertips and tell what room they are about to enter.

It is also ideal that these signs carry Grade II Braille that also shows what the bathroom is supposed to be for. The letters that are on these signs need to be tactile too in order for visually impaired individuals to read them easily even if they do not know how to read Braille. These considerations are needed not only because these are required by people who have vision problems, but also because these are required by law.

Not following such guidelines set by the ADA will open up establishments to the possibility of litigation due to non-compliance. This will also open them up to people suing them for discrimination. While you may think that having whimsical and comical ladies restroom signs may set you apart from others, it may also cause you more trouble than it’s worth. If you still think these unique signs are worth it, make sure you add ADA compliant signs for your bathrooms to these to avoid problems with compliance.