All parking lots in the US (and even elsewhere in the world) are required to have a few parking slots reserved for disabled motorists. Depending on the number of parking slots a parking lot has, the number of spaces designated for disabled users increases accordingly, with certain slot considerations and rules that need to be followed as well.

One such consideration that needs to be made when it comes to these parking lots is the van accessible parking space. One van accessible parking slot is required for every parking lot with 25 spaces. These ADA parking spaces have to be found nearest the building or establishment that it services and should have a curb access ramp attached to the striped area beside it. Van accessible parking slots have to have a wider access aisle, which is used to accommodate a wheelchair lift, a higher vertical clearance for the height of the van and routes that can also easily accommodate the size of the van.

Other considerations that need to be made when it comes to these van accessible parking lots are the signs and markings that have to be made for them. For ADA parking spaces that are designed for cars, the access aisle should be at least 60” wide and marked with diagonal stripes in a highly visible color (usually yellow). ADA parking spaces for vans have wider access aisles (minimum of 96” wide) and are also painted with diagonal stripes in a highly visible color.

When it comes to signages, these parking slots have to carry signs that show people that these slots are reserved for those with disabilities. Signs with the international symbol of accessibility should be placed at the head of each ADA parking slot. Each sign should be the right size, and attached to a sign post at a height that is high enough to be seen even when a vehicle is already parked in the slot.

For ADA signs that are made for van parking slots, the words “Van Accessible” should also be on the sign. This is to inform the drivers of these vans that these are the designated parking spots for them. These signs should also be in the right size, color contrast and should be attached to sign posts that are highly visible, easy to locate and can be seen even when a van is already parked in the slot.