Wall Mounted Sign

Mounting signs indoors is easy enough to do as long as you have walls that are smooth and clean for these signs to be mounted on. For wall mounted signs that are to be placed outdoors though, it is an entirely different story. Unless your outer walls are as smooth and clean as your interior walls, you will need to follow a few important steps.

Before you can effectively mount your signs, you will first need to know where these are to be mounted and what kind of wall these wall mounted signs are to be installed on. If you are to install these on wood or wooden sidings, you will need a different set of tools and mounting hardware for your signs as compared to signs that are to be affixed to brick or cement walls. Here are some things to remember:

For Wooden or Wood Paneled Walls

  • 1. Depending on the kind of sign you are to attach, you may need brackets that are screwed to the walls or you may simply screw these signs to your walls.
  • 2. A power screwdriver is required for such a task and a level to help you align and straighten your signs properly.
  • 3. Mark the area of the wall where your brackets or signs are to go. Remember, when wood panel or wooden walls have holes drilled into them, repairs can mean changing the entire paneling or wall, or you may just have to live with messy holes in your wall.


For Cement and Brick Walls

  • 1. When you need to install signs on a cement or brick wall, you will still need to mark the area properly before making any holes. While cement and brick walls can be easily repaired with cement should holes be made but not used, marking these areas properly can help speed the work needed for mounting your wall mounted signs.
  • 2. Use a drill that is made for use with cement or brick walls for this job. You will also need a few hammer anchors for your screws when you are screwing signs to cement or brick walls.
  • 3. Make sure that when you install these signs, the screws as well as the hammer anchors are made with waterproof or rustproof material.
  • 4. If your signs are rather lightweight, you can opt to use cement screws instead of using hammer anchors with your sign screws. Wall mounted signs that weigh more than five pounds however will require hammer anchors to prevent wall and sign damage.