Washroom Signs

If you were to ask yourself where washroom signs can be found, the most likely answer would be where these washrooms are located. While these signs are indeed found beside the door (and at times, also on the door) of these bathrooms, these are not the only places where you can actually find these. Washroom signage can actually be found in a lot of places, not just beside the door (or on the door) of the bathroom it is being used on.

Washroom signage, or bathroom signs, as some people may be more familiar with, are actually mounted in many different areas for a good number of reasons. Here are some of the locations of these signs and why they are found in these places:

-      On Overhead Signs – these signs can often be seen posted overhead in many different areas, particularly in locations where throngs of people converge. Examples of such places include bus stations, train stations, airports and malls. These can be seen integrated into signs that show people where to go, otherwise known as directional signs. More often than not, what you see on these directional signs are the pictograms that are often used for bathrooms along with an arrow indicating where these can be found.

-      In hallways – these can also be posted in hallways to show people where the nearest bathroom can be found. These often have arrows on them to point people in the right direction. Such signs can be found in a number of places like malls, schools, hospitals and other similar establishments.

Bathroom Sign

-      Outdoor walls – these bathroom signs can be found on walls outdoors when the washrooms that the public can use are located outdoors, or the entrances to these bathrooms are found outside. Some of the places where you can find these signs posted on walls outside include open air stadiums, gasoline stations and zoos.

-      On posts – these are also found outdoors and are used when there are no convenient walls for these signs to be posted on. Some of the areas where such washroom signs can be found include resorts, amusement parks, gardens and camps. These are mounted on posts along with arrows to show people where these can be found.

As you can see, washroom signs can be found in many places, be it in overhead signs, on outside walls and in hallways. These signs show people where to find these facilities easily and quickly, which adds to their convenience and usefulness.