Directional Signs

Wayfinding and directional signs are everywhere. You can find these in office buildings, in hospitals, in malls and even in parks. These can be found both indoors and outdoors. These signs serve people well since these tell them where they can find a particular office, facility or room in these establishments.

Directional signs help people find their way from point A to point B. Point A is usually where the sign is located and Point B is the person’s destination. Getting to where they want to go can be easily achieved as long as the directional signs used to show a person where to go is easy enough to decipher or read.

When it comes to interior signs that show people where they need to go, it is important to prioritize certain information. Make sure that when you put together directional signs for your establishment that you do not clutter it with too much information. Since the places people need to go to are not necessarily found in one general direction, it is best if you divide your signs in two directions.

When there are more than ten listings on a directional sign, a person can easily get confused. To prevent this from happening, divide your signs properly and place listings that are found on the left on a directional sign at the left side of the central area. The same should be done for rooms and locales that are found to the right of the central area, listings should be placed on the right side.

You also need to make sure that all directional signs are easy to read by everyone who encounters them. This includes people who have visual impairments and who are in wheelchairs. This means that you will need to follow ADA guidelines for these signs, like color contrast rules and mounting height.

Following these guidelines will not only help people easily locate what they need to locate in your building, but it will also help prevent problems with ADA compliance. Considering these ADA rules, when putting up wayfinding and directional signs, can benefit both parties and can also make your building easier to navigate. Since Directional Signs are used for just that purpose, to show people the right direction to go, such considerations should be foremost in your mind when putting up these signs.