When purchasing signs for your office or establishment, you will need to be able to mount these securely to where these are to be located. Signs made from different kinds of materials need to be installed using the most appropriate mounting options available for these. Here are some of the mounting options you may consider:

  • Double sided foam adhesive - Foam adhesive is ideal for use with lightweight signs that are to be mounted on clean, flat surfaces, like walls and doors. If your wall has a rough texture or the surface you are to mount your signs on is made of porous material, then this kind of a mounting option is not suitable. This kind of mounting is ideal for temporary signs and for signs that need to be changed regularly, like on office doors where the occupant changes frequently and names need to be changed just as frequently.


  • Screw mounting – Screw mounting is ideal for signs that you want to install permanently and are to be mounted on rather hard surfaces. These should not be used on locations where signs need to be changed every so often since these will leave unsightly holes on the surface of the area should you decide to remove the sign placed there.


  • Velcro mounting – This type of adhesive can be used on lightweight signs as well, and is ideal for use on areas that require the constant changing of signs. This mounting option has two parts. Both parts are attached to the sign and to the surface of the mounting area with the use of an adhesive while the other has Velcro hooks and loops that stick together. This can only be used on flat, clean surfaces like walls and doors but cannot adhere properly when used on dirty or porous surfaces.


  • Magnetic tape – Similar to Velcro mounting, this however uses magnets to attach a sign to a wall or door. Also ideal for signs that are interchangeable or changed frequently, you attach the magnetic tape to a clean, flat surface with the use of an adhesive. The attachments on the back of your signs are either magnets with the opposite polarity of the magnets on the wall or are plain metal that can easily stick to the magnetic mounting you have. This is ideal for light to medium weight signs since the magnets will be attached to the wall using adhesive tape only.