Custom Wood Signs

Wood is one of the many materials people choose to use for their signage needs, and choosing wood for your own signs can bring with it a number of benefits, as well as a number of issues. As with anything in this world, custom wood signs do have its pros and cons and it is up to you to decide whether or not the pros do outweigh the cons. To help you decide whether wooden signs are best for your signage needs, here are some of these advantages and disadvantages that come with such signage.

Advantages of Custom Wood Signs

Wooden signs give off a timeless air – wood has been used for ages in creating signs, hence the association with timelessness. Signs that are made using wood have this classic, ageless appeal that makes it great for those who want a sign that can be seen as old fashioned or simply ageless.

Wooden signs are easy to customize – you can choose to paint your wooden signs, have it engraved, or choose carving as its marking method. Customizing wooden signs is easier than customizing other signage materials simply because there are many marking methods that can be used on it. You can also shape these in any form you choose since these can be cut according to your choice of shape – be it round, square, domed, rectangular, oval, or any odd shape you want.

Wooden signs are actually quite durable – these signs can last a very long time, as long as these are taken care of properly. You should also ensure that the wood you use for your custom wood signs are properly cured so that these do not deteriorate when exposed to the elements.

Disadvantages of Custom Wood Signs

Wooden signs can be expensive – custom wood signs can be costlier than some materials used for sign creation. For example, these signs can be more expensive than signs made out of plastic. The cost of the sign that you have made can also depend on the kind of wood you choose, with some types of wood being more expensive than others.

Wooden signs can be difficult to maintain – while these may be considered more durable than other signage materials available these days, maintenance needs for wooden signs can be costlier than maintenance needs for plastic or corrosion resistant metal. Wooden signs may need to be treated every now and then with a protectant to help keep it from deteriorating when exposed to the elements.

Wooden signs are rather heavy – this reduces the options you have for mounting. Since wood can be rather heavy, you will need to use mounting options that can easily carry the weight of the wood. This eliminates mounting options such as Velcro, and certain adhesives. You will need to choose mounting options like screws, rivets and other heavy duty options for these signs to be mounted properly.

These are but a few of the pros and cons that come with the use of wooden signs. You can choose to use wood signs for many different things however, which is why numerous people actually opt for such a material for their signage needs. Not only are wood signs ideal for use by establishments and businesses but these are also great for use in homes, as gifts and as decorative pieces. You can even try to have your signs look rustic and antiquated with the help of the right paints, chemicals and designs.

Whether or not you should choose to use custom wood signs for your needs is all up to you and what you need these for. If wood fits your design aesthetic perfectly, then you should greatly consider using wood. If you find that wood is rather expensive for your signage needs, you can actually ask for cheaper alternatives or substitute materials that have the look and feel of wood but is not actually wood.