Custom ADA Signs

You may have already heard of ADA signs, and you may have also heard of custom signs, but what about custom ADA signs? Can you really customize signs that are supposed to follow very strict rules set by the government? If you can, what areas can you customize on these?

Custom ADA signs are essentially signs that need to follow the rules set by the ADA for signage while using custom materials, fonts, color combinations, and the like. These signs, while being designed to look different from others, actually adhere to rather stringent guidelines in order to make these easy to read and understand by everyone, including those with visual impairments and disabilities. This means that while these are indeed customized, they have to be customized while following a list of rules.

If you really think about it, customizing ADA signs is actually ideal since you can ensure that all of the elements needed for your signs to be compliant can be added to these. Since not all types of signs have the same checklist for compliance, confusion as to whether or not a specific element should be added can ensue. Being able to customize these signs can help you add the elements you know will help make your signs compliant with ADA rules, thereby helping you avoid penalties that come with non-compliance.

Custom ADA signs are also great for those who want to have signs that not only follow the law, but are also aesthetically pleasing. These signs can have a double purpose, and the other purpose is that of adding a decorative boost to your surroundings. This essentially means that those days of ugly signs due to compliance issues are gone.

In the past, during the first few years of ADA implementation, businesses lamented the fact that the signs that were being made in compliance with the new rules were actually rather unsightly. This was because sign designers and sign makers still did not know how to create great looking signs while still staying compliant. Such guidelines like the use of sans serif fonts, non-gloss finishes, and proper color contrasts left sign makers with very little to work with then since they still did not know what tweaks can be used in order to stay compliant without compromising on aesthetics.

These days, creating good looking signs while still staying compliant is something most signage manufacturers and designers are now adept at. This is because of the recent modifications to the ADA rules governing signs, as well as the technology now available to signage makers when it comes to sign customization. Better equipment, better rules to follow, and a better understanding of how to integrate these rules into the signs that are being crafted has enabled establishments to remain compliant without having to suffer having unattractive signs for it.

There are many reasons why businesses now choose to have custom ADA signs for their establishments, as opposed to stock ADA signs, even when these are rather commonplace signs like Exit signs and bathroom signs. Aside from being able to add some beauty to a place with the help of some well chosen customization options, these signs can also have a unified look, with your exit and bathroom signs having a similar color scheme as your room number signs, directories and directional signs.

You can also choose to use more budget friendly materials on these signs when you customize these. This is another benefit you get when you use custom ADA signs for your business. You can choose to utilize cheaper and more cost effective materials for these signs. You can also mix and match materials according to your preference.

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