Interior Office Signs

One of the things offices need is interior office signs, and for you to be able to get all the signs that you require for your business, you need to know what these are. There are actually quite a number of signs used inside offices and these signs belong to specific categories which make them subject to ADA rules and regulations. This means that in order for your signs to be considered compliant, each one has to follow the specific rules set for it.

For you to be able to get the right indoor office signs for your business, and for these to be compliant, you need to know what category a sign belongs to. For example, bathroom signs belong to a group of signs that are considered permanent room signs. Permanent room signs are those that are used on rooms that won’t be seeing a change in usage or type anytime soon. This means that bathroom signs need to follow certain ADA guidelines set for this kind of a sign type.

There are a number of interior office signs that you will need for your business and these include directional signs, temporary signs, directories and office door signs. These different kinds of signs need to follow guidelines for them to be compliant with ADA rules, and each sign type has rules that other sign types may not have. Some of the rules however cover all indoor signage types, and examples of this include rules for using non-glare or non-gloss finish on the signs, proper color contrast and correct character size in relation to the sign size and mounting height.

Some signs require more attention since these need to follow more rules, like the need for tactile letters, Braille translations and the use of pictograms. Some signs also need to carry the specified fonts and the right placement of the elements for these to be considered ADA compliant signs. For you to know what signs need to follow what rules, you might want to check out the ADAAG, or Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines.

This particular list of rules covers not only interior office signs but also outdoor signs and other accessibility requirements. This list will tell you what requirements the government has mandated establishments to have in order for them to be ADA compliant. This same list also shows you what businesses and establishments are exempted from these rules and what types of signs need not follow ADA guidelines.