Custom Office Door Signs

Custom office door signs, or permanent room signs in particular, are considered signs that are subject to ADA compliance. This means that the signs that you need to create for this particular usage should be made with ADA guidelines being followed. The rules that need to be followed when it comes to permanent room signs include the addition of Braille translations of the sign text as well as tactile letters.

Other rules that you need to take note of when you are having signs like these crafted for your business include proper color contrasts, character size and non-glare finish. You also need to mount these signs according to ADA guidelines and these include where these should be mounted as well as how high. Also necessary for these signs to be considered compliant is the use of sans serif fonts and pictograms used for these signs need to be in a 6 inch field with nothing else sharing that particular space.

Now, with all these rules that need to be followed for custom office door signs, what exactly can you customize with these? Some people feel that with the rather stringent rules surrounding ADA signage, customization is no longer feasible and trying to do so is just an exercise in futility. What people may not realize is that you can actually customize these signs in many ways even with such rules restricting the choices that you have.

In customizing office door signs, you still have certain choices within your reach. You can choose what kind of material to use with these signs, provided that these are non-glare or non-reflective. You also get to choose the color combinations that you use for the background and for the characters of your sign, as long as these meet the 70% color contrast specifications set by the government.

Also part of the choices that you can make is which fonts to use on your signs. As long as these are sans serif type fonts, you can choose whatever font to use on your office door signs. You can also choose the mounting method, which can be dependent on the material that you use. For example, if you choose to use plastic for these custom office door signs, you can choose to mount these using self adhesive backing, screws or Velcro, depending on what your signage manufacturer has in stock for your signs.