Custom Restroom Signs

Majority of businesses use bathroom signs that are ready made since these are, after all, signs used to mark a facility that people need to locate immediately. This does not mean however that you cannot and should not use custom restroom signs for your own bathrooms. You can have these signs customized to fit your company’s design ideas, but you need to integrate the many rules that the ADA has required that such signs as these should have.

What options can you utilize when it comes to customizing signs that are to be used for restrooms? There are quite a few that you can turn to when you want to create funny, whimsical, fashionable, and artistic bathroom signs for your establishment. One such option is to use more than one sign for your bathroom doors.

The way to go about utilizing such a tactic is for you to have two signs for your bathrooms – one that goes on the door and another that goes on the side of the door. The one that goes on the door is the artistic, funny, whimsical, or fashionable one. The sign that goes on the side of the door is the ADA compliant one. Take note that this cannot be done however in California since they mandate that compliant signs also need to go on your bathroom doors.

This option may be cost prohibitive since you will be using two signs instead of just one. This is a good idea only if you do not mind the added cost, and if you are really adamant about adding a sign that you want on your bathroom doors. If you do not want a solution that is more costly than you feel it is worth, then there is another thing that you can do.

The other option that you can turn to when you want a custom bathroom sign that is both aesthetically pleasing and compliant is to have a sign designer make these for you. You simply inform the designer of what you want and they can integrate these features into the design along with the compliance features that are required by the law to be there. Know however that this does have its limitations.

There are some features that cannot make it onto compliant signage since the rules are rather strict about these. Some examples of features that you cannot add to your custom ADA signs are fancy scripts and fonts, non-compliant color combinations, and glossy finishes. ADA signs need to carry fonts that are easy to read (preferably sans serif ones), 70% color contrast for characters and background, and matte or non-gloss finish.

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