Architectural Sign Systems

When a company decides to employ the services of a sign specialist to help them create architectural signage systems for their business, these professionals already know what kinds of signs are needed for such an endeavor. While sign professionals do have differing opinions and viewpoints as to what exactly architectural sign systems are, the general consensus is that these are signs that are crafted to complement the building’s design.

Some people also point out that architectural signs are signs that are not typical, commercial signs that you can get anywhere. In short, architectural signage systems are signs that are specially made to fit the design standard of the establishment these are used on while serving their individual purpose at the same time. This means that well designed signage designed specifically for a business and does their jobs of showing people where to go, what to do, and where they are considered part of such a category.

To help you further understand what architectural signs are and what signs can be considered part of this category, here are some examples:

-      Exterior Signs – outdoor signs that are used to show people what the building’s name is, what is inside and where to go are considered part of this particular signage category. Some building directories (and some wayfinding signs) are located outside of buildings and businesses. These are often designed according to how the building or establishment wants this to look like, and oftentimes this design is in line with the rest of the building’s look as well as the rest of the signage used by the said establishment.

-      Interior Signs – this includes all ADA compliant signage and non-compliant ones. This includes modular, temporary and permanent signs that are used within a facility. Signs like office door signs, bathroom signs, directional signs and many more, when designed with the building’s design aesthetic in mind, are considered architectural signs.

-      Digital Signs – these are also considered part of this particular signage definition since these also show people direction, information and gather attention for whatever reason the company deems fit. Since these are also designed with the building’s design aesthetic in mind, it is then but logical that these be also considered architectural signage.

With such a broad scope for architectural signage systems, people may conclude that all signs can be part of such a system. If the signs are crafted in such a way that makes it complementary to the building, and makes it add to the look of the establishment while still being functional, then yes, you can say that. If the signs do not fit such a description however, these cannot be easily considered part of an architectural sign system.