Handicap Parking Sign

You see these signs everywhere and probably also know what these are for. These signs are easy enough to recognize since these have not changed much over the years. These still carry the usual wheelchair symbol, and the blue and white color that makes it easy to see and distinguish. Apart from the obvious use of such a sign, there might be a few things that you do not know about this particular signage.

For starters, did you know that in order for your vehicle to be considered eligible to park in any of the spaces that are marked by this sign, you need to have either a placard or a specially marked license plate that tells people your vehicle is carrying someone with a disability? The placard or badge is often used by those who have family members with disabilities who may be riding any of the vehicles that the family owns, so they will need a tag that they can use on any of the vehicles that will carry them. The license plate on the other hand, is used on the vehicle that is owned by the person with the disability or the vehicle that is often used regularly for their needs. In order for a person to avail of such a tag or plate, they will need to consult with the state they are in since rules may vary from state to state.

Also, did you know that all parking lots are required to have at least one parking slot reserved for the use of such vehicles? The number of parking spaces that need to be marked with an ISA or international symbol of accessibility, and with a handicapped parking sign, is often dependent on the size of the parking facility. The more parking slots there are, the more reserved spaces there need to be with the handicap sign and the painted spot.

Parking in slots that have this particular ADA sign can bring about various penalties. One such penalty is the issuance of an illegal parking ticket, and this can also happen if you have a placard or badge but did not display it properly on your vehicle, even if you are indeed entitled to the spot. You will also find yourself being fined or ticketed if you also misuse these badges or vehicles. If you are using a car with the special plate that informs people that the vehicle belongs to someone with a disability, but it is not being used by that person or the person in question is not the one in the vehicle, then a violation may be cited. The same can be said for people abusing the use of these disability badges as well.

The use of such parking spots should be left to those who really need them. After all, these parking facilities often have more than just one parking space for people to use. The abuse of such a space should not be tolerated, and people have been making this known with the use of social media and by reporting such infractions to the law.

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